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The Design Challenge

We had a blank slate when we first showed up to this beautiful property in Colpay, PA. Nothing but a shale filled back yard going into a hillside. I met with the homeowners on site and started to discuss what their plans we for the back yard. Not only was it both a hardscape and landscape project but also involved and inground pool. So after taking measurements of the property I started to put a design together. When the design was ready, I went back out to go over everything in detail including what products we were going to use. Once the homeowners were satisfied with everything, all we had to do was wait for the pool to be installed. Once the pool was installed it was time to dig!


We began excavating areas for upper patio off the house and lower patio around pool area. After excavation reached approximately 12 " deep, we installed a geo-textile fabric over top of the compacted soil. Then we started to bring in our aggregate base material into the lower pool area, which was compacted with a vibratory plat compacter. Once our lower base was ready we installed a Techo-bloc Maya step tread for our stepdown to pool area. After our step was in the we could get the aggregate base in for the upper patio as well. Next, we leveled out screenings to build the staircase at the back door. We used Techo-bloc Mini-Creta Architectural wall block for step risers with a York Cap for the step treads. Once our steps were in place, it was time to screed out concrete sand and begin to lay Techo-bloc BLU 60MM pavers for both patio areas with a Hera 6x9" soldier course border. Then, sweep in a Polymeric joint stabilizing sand, vibrate and compact sand into pavers, remove any excess sand and wet it down. Once the sand dries it solidifies in between the paver joints.












Realizing the Project


The following year, we began excavating for phase two which included adding on to the patio area, installing a fire pit, sitting wall, walkway to driveway, plantings and stone landscapes beds. Once excavation was complete we began a base installation process again followed by a layer of screenings for the wall and fire pit. We began constructing the sitting wall and fire pit out of Rosetta Belvedere wall collection. Once our first course was leveled, we put the combination wall and pit together gluing layer by layer until we reached our final height for our Rosetta Dimensional capping units. We added a few boulders at the ends of the wall and throughtout the landscaping to terrace a few areas. Then we continued our process of adding onto the patio area and a step up to the walkway connecting to the driveway. Once all the hardscaping was complete we began re-grading and forming of the landscape beds. Then, we began digging holes and installing all the trees, shrubs and perennials in a very rich organic soil. Finally once all plantings were in, the beds got edged and Red Stone and Delaware River rock was installed to finish the project.

sqft Pavers Laid
+ Trees Planted
Patios Created
+ Sidewalks Created